Ion Cleaning Solution - 16 oz

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Product Overview

We are pleased to offer the Ion Cleaning Solution. It has been tested and approved by the people who created the Ion Clean Machine Pro and have had extensive experience in cleaning ionizers for over 15 years. This product has been effectively deep cleaning machines by decalcifying water ionizers for many years. By far, it is the best we have tested. The Ion Cleaning Solution is designed to effectively eliminate calcium buildup and scale from water ionizers. It is formulated with little to no soapy residue, making this the best choice compared to other products on the market. One container can last up to 16 cleanings.

It is very important to clean your machine often. This simple maintenance will help your machine produce the highest quality water and will keep it working for many years. The biggest issue for the performance of a water ionizer is mineral build up, also known as scale. The majority of this build up is caused by the calcium in the water source. You may be familiar with the term “hard water”, which means there is a high concentration of minerals in the water and unfortunately, most of the public water supply has hard water. This makes cleaning the machines even more important!