Spray Bottles for Every Task

Ionfaucet's array of spray bottles brings a new level of efficiency to your daily tasks, available in different sizes to accommodate a spectrum of uses. The larger spray bottles are your go-to solution for robust cleaning tasks, where the power of 2.5 pH disinfecting water or the strength of 11.0 pH emulsifying water is required. These larger bottles provide the capacity needed for thorough and effective cleaning while ensuring the integrity and potency of the specialized solutions.

For more delicate applications, the smaller-sized spray bottles from Ionfaucet take center stage. Designed for precision, these compact bottles are perfect for misting your faucet with the gentle touch of 6.0 pH beauty water. This smaller size allows for controlled and nuanced application, making it the ideal choice when enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your faucets. Whether you're tackling tough cleaning tasks or adding a touch of beauty to your surroundings, Ionfaucet's spray bottles offer a tailored and versatile solution for all your water-related needs.

Spray Bottles