Exploring Properties with Precision Meters

Experience the essence of ionized water properties with our precision meters designed to bring clarity and insight to your demonstrations. These sophisticated instruments play a pivotal role in showcasing the unique characteristics of ionized water, providing accurate measurements that underscore its transformative qualities. Whether it's the pH level, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), or other crucial metrics, our meters deliver precise readings, enabling you to illustrate the superior quality and health benefits of ionized water. Elevate your presentations with the power of scientific precision, as our meters become your trusted companions in unraveling the remarkable properties of ionized water.


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    ElyteGlo Electrolyte Water Tester ElyteGlo Electrolyte Water Tester

    ElyteGlo Electrolyte Water Tester

    Sale: $95.00


    Introducing the ElyteGlo Electrolyte Water Tester! ElyteGlo is your gateway to exploring the remarkable world of electrolyzed water. Electrolyzed water is the epitome of purified hydration, created through a revolutionary electrolysis process, rendering...

  • Milwaukee ORP Meter Milwaukee ORP Meter

    Milwaukee ORP Meter



    DESCRIPTION The Milwaukee MW500 PRO ORP meter is one of Milwaukee's most popular meters with its reliable, fast, and simple operation as well as its accuracy.   The Milwaukee PRO ORP Meter is preferred by people looking to dial in their testing program...