Streamlined Connection: The Power of the Inline Diverter

Ionfaucet offers two essential diverter options—Standard Faucet Diverters and Inline Diverters—each providing a seamless connection to kitchen faucets with the possibility of requiring adapters based on the faucet thread type. The Standard Faucet Diverter is designed for traditional kitchen faucets, ensuring a straightforward connection to facilitate the flow of ionized water. Depending on the thread type of your kitchen faucet, adapters may be necessary to achieve a secure and leak-free fit, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of ionized water with ease.

On the other hand, the Inline Diverter is tailored for faucets equipped with a pull-out sprayer head. This specialized diverter accommodates the unique design of these faucets, providing a secure connection that enables the swift transition between regular and ionized water. As with the Standard Faucet Diverter, the need for adapters depends on the specific thread type of your faucet. Ionfaucet's diversely compatible options ensure that, regardless of your kitchen faucet style, you can effortlessly integrate ionization technology into your daily water routine.


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    We are pleased to introduce the high polished chrome Inline Diverters. Simply unscrew the sprayer head, screw in the Inline Diverter and screw the sprayer head back on... it's that easy! This tool is a great addition for your Ion Adapter Deluxe Kit. Buy...





    Deluxe Faucet Adapter Kit includes: 1 Ion Facuet Diverter SKU# 962 1/2"-14 Female Adapter SKU# 946 1/4”-18 Male Adapter SKU# 947 3/8”-18 Male Adpater SKU# 948 3/4”-27 Female Adapter SKU# 950 24x1m  & 22x1f Adapter SKU#...