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Features & Benefits:
• Softer Skin & Healthier Hair
• Easy Installation
• Reduces Chlorine, THMs & Sediments
• Unique Up flow Design to Prevent Clogging
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Product Overview

Our body's greatest organ, the skin, is completely capable of absorbing chlorine. The protein in our skin and hair chemically bonds with chlorine, resulting in dry, brittle hair and itchy, prematurely aging skin. Showering contributes more than half of our daily exposure to chlorine. This is due to the fact that chlorine is immediately taken into the blood stream while taking a shower, in addition to being absorbed through our skin.

Our Ion Shower Filter efficiently cuts down on chlorine and other chemicals in the shower, shielding your skin, hair, and lungs from harmful vapors that can irritate your skin, exacerbate asthma symptoms, and even make you sick. You can take the cleanest, healthiest shower possible with the pH-balanced, clean water that results from this process.